The Babetown Instagram Challenge

Hey guys!

So this past week I participated in an Instagram challenge hosted by The Babetown Collective. The goal of the challenge was to get vulnerable, and learn to connect with others on a more personal level, rather than just throwing a quote into the captions of our images (something I am guilty of doing almost every time I post). I’ve been working on this in our women only boudoir group ever since my workshop in Florida this past September, but haven’t been as open to this in a more public setting.

As a loss mom, it’s hard to find the right balance of sharing too much, and not sharing enough. I always assume I shouldn’t talk about my child (Ellie) dying in a business setting, because it’s a “sad topic.” But there are a lot of sad things in life. Something I have become passionate about since we lost Ellie, is breaking the stigma surrounding pregnancy and infant loss. But how can I tell people to speak up, when I don’t do so in the roll I have. It’s easy to tell my friends and family to speak up, but how can I expect others to speak up, if they don’t understand why.

So, over the next few weeks I am dedicating myself to blogging more about me, and getting vulnerable with you about my “why.” And if you aren’t following along on Instagram, you can find us at <3

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Photo of me by Teri Hofford Photography

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